About us

The company Allinmarket s. r. about. was founded in 1993 as a trading company and its main business activity is the mediation of food sales between production companies and the final consumer. Initially, it offered traditional products of predominantly Slovak and Czech origin, typical for the demand of the Slovak market, but along with the development of the food industry, it expanded its range to include entire lines of products from foreign companies and new domestic production entities.

Currently, our company is able to satisfy the needs of conservative customers oriented towards traditional products, customers who like small experiments in the field of food purchasing, but also customers expecting the best quality products. The goal of our company is not just a satisfied customer, but a satisfied Slovak customer, and it adapts its marketing activity to that. We focus on the local market and try to get to know the Slovak customer as best as possible and offer him the desired goods. In addition to our own eight retail establishments, we also supply goods to more than 260 local businesses in the near or far vicinity of Kežmark, Poprad and Stara Ľubovna.

Company ALLINMARKET s. r. about. it is not a gigantic company destroying the local market, on the contrary, it has preserved the family character of the business to this day. And for this reason, we can better adapt our activity to the requirements of the majority of customers as well as marginalized groups of customers.

It is aware of its dependence on the Slovak local customer, therefore we try to adapt our assortment to the individual needs of each time period of the local market. We realize that you are the future for our company.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.