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We offer a wide range of goods

Chilled and frozen assortment

  • baguettes
  • yogurts
  • butter, fats, spreads, ointments, yeast
  • meat, meat products
  • milk, cream, whipped cream
  • frozen products
  • cheese, cottage cheese, cottage cheese
  • tartar sauce, mayonnaise, salads


  • alcohol
  • juices, concentrates, syrups
  • energy, isotonic drinks, iced teas
  • mineral, table, natural waters
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • beer
  • wine

Durable drinks

  • broths, liquid spices, vegetables, marinades
  • tea, coffee, hot chocolate, dried cream
  • cereals, chips, snacks, muesli, crackers
  • pasta
  • sugar, salt, soy
  • candies
  • mustard, ketchup
  • cocoa, instant drinks, chocolates and toppings
  • canned foods, spreads, pates, fish
  • spices
  • flour and mill products
  • oil, vinegar

Tobacco assortment

  • cigarettes
  • cigars
  • matches, lighters
  • other smoking goods

Cosmetic goods

  • batteries, light bulbs
  • cleaning agents
  • candles, candles
  • office supplies
  • cosmetics
  • tableware preparations
  • other drugstore goods
  • washing preparations
  • toilet paper, tissues, napkins, tea towels

Food for animals

  • food for dogs
  • food for cats

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